5 Things Consignment Store Owners Want You To Know

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Consignment stores are unique in the retail world. We exist to help people sell items they no longer need and provide buyers a more affordable option for those seeking quality home furnishings. We are similar to a traditional furniture retailer in that we curate a special inventory that reflects quality and in-demand styles, while also offering a great price-point value for our customers.

Though consignment stores have been around for ages, there is still some confusion about this retail segment. There are five main things we here at Upscale Consignment would like you to know about buying or selling with us in particular.

A Consignment Store is NOT a Thrift Store

Thrift stores take donations and generally do not curate a collection for their stores that focuses on style or quality. Thrift stores tend to focus on value above all else, whereas consignment stores focus on quality, style, condition, and value simultaneously. Although you will find low priced merchandise in a thrift store, if you’re looking for items with minimal wear and in-demand styles, plus incredible value, Upscale Consignment is the place to go.

Not All Consigned Goods Are Used

There are plenty of new items for sale too! When larger retailers or small boutiques have excess inventory (for a variety of reasons) or go out of business, the inventory is often sold through consignment stores. In addition to brand-new inventory from retailers such as these, we also receive new or barely-used pieces such as model home furnishings, designer showroom samples, overstocks, and discontinued merchandise. Highly discounted new-to-you and brand-spanking-new can all be found under one roof in our large 22,000+ sq. ft showroom at Upscale Consignment!

You Can Submit Items Online

Sellers can submit photos of their items to Upscale Consignment online in order to have them pre-approved prior to making arrangements for delivery to our store. We do highly recommend that you have your items pre-approved before bringing them into the store, as Upscale Consignment is very particular about the items we will accept. Most items sell within the first 30 days and checks are printed monthly for 50% of the selling price once your item sells.

For Buyers, Our Website Reduces the Guesswork

Since consignment inventory is ever-changing and fast-moving, shoppers will check back often to find just the right piece. Our website takes a lot of the legwork out of your search by providing an online showroom of our inventory that is updated daily with photos, descriptions and pricing.  You can easily browse our inventory and even purchase online! Check out our new arrivals and ever-changing clearance section for furniture, jewelry and décor.

Make a Wish List to Keep an Eye Out For Your Favorites

You can even create a Wish List online for items that are searching for. If an item comes that is on your wish list, you will receive an email notification from us. It’s sort of like having your own personal shopper.

About Upscale Consignment Furniture & Decor

Upscale Consignment Furniture & Decor is a top-favorite consignment store for those in the northwest. With a showroom of over 22,000+ square feet, we are a destination for those eager to save on quality, stylish home furnishings, fine art, fine jewelry or just to find a new treasure for their home.


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