Faux Real? How to Distinguish an Original from a Reproduction

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When shopping at a consignment store you may wonder if the piece you are looking at is real or a reproduction. Following these simple tips will help ensure you know what you are buying.

Man inspecting fine furniture

Checking for authenticity

Tip # 1: Ask a Professional

Stores, such as Upscale Consignment, inspect incoming consignments thoroughly before placing items on the showroom floor. In order for customers to know exactly what they are getting, each price tag reflects a detailed description of the item, including a brand name if identifiable.

Tip # 2: Use your smartphone to check

Sometimes looking up the image of the product you are looking at will help you figure out if it is an original. This may not work in every case, but it is a quick starting point.

Tip # 3: Ask or look to see if there are any papers of authenticity

Many famous painting and collections come with papers of authenticity. If the piece comes with these, then you know it is probably authentic. However, just because it doesn’t come with authenticity papers does not mean that is a reproduction. You just need to do a little more research to be sure.

Tip # 4: Look Up the product specifications

The differences between an original and a reproduction might be minor, but they should be noted in the specifications. Once you know these differences you can personally check the product to determine whether or not it’s authentic.

Tip # 5: Check the logo

If the logo is off or doesn’t look the same as when it first came out then it is not an original. If you are not sure what it looked like when it came out, just Google it.

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