Buying Better Furniture For Less – New vs. Like-New

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Upscale Consignment offers furniture, many times brand new, for much less than department stores
A new set of furniture can transform your home. New shapes and colors bring a new aesthetic to your rooms, and the added utility that comes with new sofas, chairs, tables, and beds bring new life and possibilities to your space.

Furniture is not cheap, however, and a positive transformation to your living room often results in a significant negative transformation to your bank account. However, that does not have to be the case. Consignment stores allow you to purchase high-quality furniture at significant savings.

Quality Furniture

Purchasing furniture from a top-tier consignment store ensures that you are getting the very best. When you seek out furniture from individual sellers, there is no accountability for the quality. You might find too late that there is a structural flaw in a bed frame or sofa construction. The best consignment stores are selling furniture that is like-new. You can count on furnishing your home with items that will last for decades when you shop from the best consignment stores.

Suit Your Personal Style

While we all love being in fashion, purchasing brand-new furniture often has its downsides. It’s often created to satisfy what style-makers are currently claiming you want. However, you might find that styles from other eras are more appealing to your senses. When you shop for furniture from a consignment store, you are more likely to find these classic, more eclectic styles. You might also find items that are very contemporary, but at a price that is easier on your budget.


Nowadays, there are discount furniture retailers who sell affordable, stylish products. However, not all of them offer very high-quality furnishings. When you sit on their sofas, for instance, you don’t have a sense that you’re on a quality item. Why shop at these places when consignment stores have real wood, high-quality furniture at prices competitive to the cheap stuff from the big-box store? You won’t have to assemble anything yourself, nor worry about it breaking after a few years of use. Not only will you spend a comparable rate at the point of purchase, but you will have furniture that will be with you and your family for years to come.

Shopping a consignment store can be the best sort of furniture shopping adventure. You never know what you are likely to find, but you can rest assured that all of it is top-quality, and also affordable.

Upscale Consignment has items that represent a broad range of styles and aesthetics. You might find a sleek, contemporary living room suite next to ornate, wing-backed items, and delicately carved headboards. Our choice and ever-changing selections are unmatched to any other store in the Portland metro area!



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