Blue Sapphire // September’s Birthstone

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Sapphire is a favorite gemstone for many people. Not only is it incredibly beautiful; it is enduring as well.

With proper care, sapphire jewelry makes it an excellent choice for those who love to wear their jewelry often. It is also great for those looking to purchase or consign jewelry.

For those born in the month of September – blue sapphire is your designated birthstone! Sapphire makes a thoughtful gift for anyone – but especially those September babies.

When you give the gift of a sapphire ring, sapphire earrings, a sapphire pendant, or sapphire and diamond bracelet – it will be worn and enjoyed for many years to come.

Sapphires are a form of corundum and a 9 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Diamond comes in at number 10 on the scale and is four times as hard as corundum. The hardness of a gemstone refers to scratch resistance.

Since sapphire is so tough this means it holds up well to normal everyday wear. In fact, sapphire crystals are even used for fine watches because of their durability.

As mentioned above, the blue sapphire is the gemstone designated to represent the month of September – but another interesting thing about this intriguing gemstone, is that it is found in just about every color!

However the red variety of corundum isn’t called a red sapphire, instead it is called a ruby.

There is also a type of sapphire called a “star sapphire” which is found in a variety of jewelry pieces. It is a cabochon and when the light hits the stone it displays a star-like reflection known as asterism.

The rarest and most desirable color of a blue sapphire would be one that exhibits medium dark tones and a rich velvety blue with hints of violet.

Sapphire comes in a wide range of hues, from pale blue to a dark royal blue – and even darker beyond that. Personal preference is key to selecting the color that fits your preference and budget.

Gem quality sapphires are quite rare to find so the value of these gemstones is high. However, if you desire the optimal color of blue sapphire, but the pricing for those is out of reach, a good alternative would be to consider purchasingsynthetic sapphire.

Synthetic, or ‘lab-grown’ gemstones have the same properties and minerals as a natural stone, but they are grown in a lab vs. being found in nature. This makes the rarity value attached to the gemstone less than that of a naturally occurring stone.

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