Change the Mood of Your Office Space

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If your office workspace feels cramped and uninviting, then it is probably working against your best efforts to be productive. If you feel your happiness meter drop a few notches the moment your backseat hits your chair that, is no good. If you have trouble maintaining focus because you can’t find your pencil, that important expense report, or your laptop (we aren’t judging, it happens) then it may be time to change the mood of your workspace.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! We are confident that this post will inspire you to make a change. By implementing a few simple tips and tricks, you will breathe new life into that lifeless workspace. Think of it as your favorite black and white movie bursting into glorious technicolor. Let’s get started, shall we?

Room Color

A fresh coat of paint makes every space better. Take yourself on a well-deserved field trip to your local paint store and find colors that appeal to you. Which color makes you feel the happiest, peaceful, and energized?

You may want to choose a subtle hue, then add splashes of colors throughout with the artwork and office accessories you choose – or go all in and paint your entire office with a bold color. It’s up to you! If you really aren’t sure what you might like, ask the paint experts.

Let them know what mood you are going for and they can help you pick the right colors. If you still aren’t sure, grab a few samples, paint them on the wall, and live with them for a bit to see what is really speaking to you.

Office Furniture

Good office furniture is critical to creating a productive mood for your space.  If you have a desk that is too small, or wobbles, or is just plain uncomfortable – it is not going to work.

Additionally, if your office furniture is too big and bulky and makes you feel crammed into your space, that will be unappealing. Your desk chair is important too! My guess is that you spend a lot of time there and if it is creaky, awkward, or just plain ugly, there is no way that you are going to look forward to sitting there day after day.

Home office furniture needs to be comfortable, functional, and the right proportions for your space. A generous amount of storage is also immensely useful. Think outside the box. Standing desks are a popular alternative to the traditional desk. One that converts from seated to standing is even better because it takes up less space than having two. Plus, you can sit and stand whenever you like.


You knew we had to talk about this, right? Organization is important! I know your mom probably told you that “there’s a place for everything, so return everything to its place.” You know what? Your mom is so wise!

If things are unorganized, and not where they are supposed to be, you waste precious time looking for them. Time that you need to be getting stuff done. When you are plugging right along then suddenly stop to find an essential item that you misplaced, that is a distraction. It will knock you out of the zone. Keep your work space – spacious!

Minimize clutter by recycling things you’re done with. Keep only things you really need on your desk. Ensure that your cords are secured and out of the way. Mount your computer monitor on the wall. Less is definitely more!

Lighten Up!

The last thing we will talk about is lighting. The right lighting is vital to creating a joyful mood for your office. Think about how you feel walking outside on a gray gloomy day; then, how you feel walking outside on a bright sunny day. There’s a big difference for most of us. Unfortunately, many offices are poorly lit.

This creates a dim, drab ambiance. If this is true for your office, consider adding additional lighting to your work space. The closer to natural light that you can find, the better. You don’t want it shooting directly into your eyes, but enough to brighten up the space will brighten your mood and the mood of your office.

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