Creating an Inspiration Board

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What is an inspiration board?

Inspiration boards are a wonderful tool when embarking on a new project, or any time you find yourself stumped by a creative block. It allows you to take your ideas and combine randomness together in a way that can spark creativity.

Board collections can be comprised of items that you find aesthetically pleasing and relevant to your project. Typical items include color, fabric or pattern swatches, magazine clippings, photos, doodles, quotes, poetry, or any other item that you might possibly want to incorporate into your final project.

Inspiration boards are not only a versatile tool to formulate an interior design or remodeling plan for your home, but they can also be useful to create a landscaping or a gardening project, design a wedding, plan a clothing wardrobe, and many other types of projects. The list is endless.

How is an inspiration board helpful?

One of the best things about an inspiration board is that it allows you to be creative and work on your project without having to invest money in materials that you may or may not end up using in your final project. You can make small changes or change direction altogether – all without penalty or expense.

Inspiration boards are helpful because it is a naturally instinctual way to collect photos that you find inspirational and relevant to your design. Once you feel you have enough photos to go forward, then it is time to get creative and play with your project. Through the process of editing your photos on your collage board to just those that work best together, you should be ready to create a cohesive design or plan.

If not, you can backtrack or even start over completely, all without having to spend a dime.

How do I create an inspiration board?

Old School Method (Can look like a police crime lab)

You can create a board the old-fashioned way using repositionable glue or tape on a poster or foam board, magnets on a magnetic board, or tacks on a bulletin board.



OS Inspiration Board





        Digital Method

If you are fairly comfortable using a computer and cutting, copying, saving, pasting, and cropping, the digital method is probably the method that you will prefer.

The conveniences of digital boards are many. You can take your board with you wherever you take your laptop, tablet or smart phone, so you can literally create any place you go. In addition with so many photo-sharing sites online, you will have an easy time finding photos that inspire you. In fact, you may find that the availability of so many photos can make it difficult to know when to stop the collection process and when to start the creating process.

Inpiration Board







I  have listed web sites below that you can use to create your own inspiration board. There are more, but these are the ones that I am familiar with and have used to some degree. They are all free, and allow you the flexibility to create private or shared boards. is Google’s free photo editor and photo sharing site. It allows you to create and share image collages. is a very popular web site and growing rapidly. They make it very easy to collect and share images to create boards. allows you to create inspiration boards in a matter of minutes and add all sorts of custom design elements.

How do I find photos?

To find photos: Search various keywords, color palettes and categories related to your next project. Try searching on these types of web sites: Home decorating magazine sites, paint manufacture sites, furniture or décor store web sites or any other web site that focuses on interior decorating or home furnishings.

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