Creating Your Own Custom Bar

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Bar carts and other bar furniture are all the rage. Whenever we have one or the other come into the store, it never lasts long on our showroom floor.

We also have customers who purchase armoires, cabinets and hutches with the intent to fashion their own bars.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Source: Better Homes &

One of my favorites is this armoire-turned-gorgeous-bar by interior designer, Mary McDonald. She painted the interior a beautiful red, which really highlights her wonderful assortment of jewel-toned glasses, a collection years in the making that she sourced from thrift stores and eBay.

The exterior of the cabinet was ebonized, a process that darkens wood using tea. You might choose another furniture painting technique or product, there are many that will provide you with a similar finish.

Having said that, If you’ve never painted furniture before, I would highly recommend that you perfect your technique on a smaller piece first, or even consider hiring a professional.

With the popularity of flat screen televisions, most armoires have been rendered obsolete, relegated to the garage or spare bedroom. Those that want them gone, sell them for a steal…which makes it a perfect  opportunity to create your own work-of-art.

Depending on the features of your particular armoire, most will allow you a roomy mixing surface and plenty of storage for your stemware, wine and favorite mixers.

You might want to transform the inside doors with chalkboard paint to record your favorite recipes or add extra glam with a mirror back.

Since most armoires have power strips, it’s easy to add interior lighting, a blender, or even a wine fridge off to the side.

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If you don’t already have a furniture piece to re-purpose, keep an eye on the Armoire, Cabinet and Hutch categories on our website. Additionally, if you would like to notified via email when new arrivals come into our showroom that might work for your project, you can create a Wishlist on our site. It’s like having your own personal shopper!

If you love the idea of creating your own bar, but prefer something a little less traditional, check out this restyled piano. It gives a whole new meaning to the expression “piano bar”.

piano bar

As always, we hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful in Restyling the Place You Live into the Place You Love.

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