Decorating Inspiration for the Holidays

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Are you pretty much done with your holiday decorating, but not feeling like it has the “wow factor” that you’re aiming for? If you’ve been too busy to decorate for the holidays until now, or are feeling the need for some additional inspiration to make your seasonal décor sing, try a few of these quick last minute layering tricks.


Start with beautiful fabric – a holiday runner, tablecloth or fabric in beautiful colors and textures.

If you’ve got existing light colored runners, stop by the fabric store and purchase a yard or two of a dark velvet or satin (or faux velvet or satin) to layer under your light runner for a rich look.

Alternatively, you can add depth and instant light to your tablescape by using a mirror as a foundation.

The long, narrow mirrors that you find on the back of a bedroom door as a dressing mirror are inexpensive and work well to add shimmer and sparkle to your holiday table.fabric

The mirror will naturally reflect lots of light, so you can tone it done if you need to with artificial snow, twigs, foliage sprays or bye the use of holiday bulbs or other ornaments placed on top of the mirror.


•Pile on the greens – layer as many different types of real or faux greenery
as you can.
pile on the greens

If you have greenery that has short needles such as fir, yew, or spruce, tuck in some long needled greenery such as white pine or arborvitae evergreen.

If the greenery has pinecones or berries attached (or you have extra pinecones & berries to tuck in) even better!


• Layer lighting – remember those little tiny lamps that you never know what to do with? Now you do!
Include them on a mantle, sideboard, accent table or wherever you need a little extra shine in your holiday display, perhaps on top of a beautiful fabric box, holiday books or small box wrapped in complimentary wrapping paper in your displays for additional shine.

You can still add candles to the vignette, but having a little lamp to add light (which will look like additional warmth) is always welcome.

• Sparkle – Adding layers of beads, glittered or sequin picks, jewel encrusted decorations or metallic touches always looks festive and impressive. Tuck these sparkly additions into your tree as a “topper,” or layer in the branches, add to the Christmas greenery, around lighting or in vases.

• Wreaths – large and small, pine or boxwood – hang them from ribbons on the back or chairs, in front of windows, horizontally under chandeliers, or at the base of vases, bowls, urns or plates. Whether they’re decorated or plain, they add a beautiful layer of texture and color that’s quick and easy.

• Crystal and glass – fill assorted jars, vases, bowls and even mismatched wine and champagne glasses with harbingers of the holidays. Let your imagination soar!

1. Ornaments – think small, large, simple or fancy

2. “Holiday” fruits, nuts and veggies such as pomegranates, oranges, apples, artichokes, pecans or walnuts in their shell

3. Candy – candy canes, ribbon candy, gum drops, beautiful foil wrapped chocolates, any red or green candies

4. Candles – from small to large, pillar to taper, as long as they’re the same color (or even two colors) they’ll look gorgeous

5. Greenery – fresh or faux tucked in and around the glass vessels. If you add any one or several of these layering additions to your holiday décor, you’re sure to get the “Wow!” you’re looking for. Have fun creating holiday magic in your home this holiday season.



As always, we hope that you enjoy this post and find it helpful in restyling the place you live into the place you love!


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