Decorating Your Mantel: A Great Year-Round Look

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Whether your mantel is the focal point in your room or is a cohesive part of your design, you want it to look amazing. If you consider all of these points when putting together your design your finished product will reflect your personality and your guests will only have nice things to say about it.

Know your color palette

Make a note of the colors currently in your room. You want to notice which colors are neutral and which colors pop in the room. This helps you decide what colors you should use for your mantel piece.

Find the right centerpiece

Framed artwork or mirrors work well as a centerpiece. Artwork lets you express your style and gives guests something fun to look at and potentially discuss when they come to your home. On the other hand, using a mirror opens up small spaces and gives a sleek look to your room.

Another great choice for a centerpiece is an interesting objet d’art such as a sculpture or decorative vase. A vase has the added benefit of serving as a vessel to bring a little of the outdoors, indoor, or even marking the seasons as you rotate your foliage from poinsettias to forsythia, etc.

Express yourself!

Your fireplace mantel will display your style. If you aren’t sure what your style is or want to try something new, here are some ideas!


Using a simple mirror with some glass candle holders and a vase. This will be subtle in your room, but look very clean and neat. Try and keep the frame of the mirror a neutral color, but if you want you can always use a pop of color on it. Here are some examples of what we are talking about.

Ornate Wall Mirror

This mirror is very simple, but has a detailed pattern as well as some hint of color. It will greatly compliment a living room, dining room or bedroom.

Serpentine-Shaped Glass Candle Holder

These glass candle holders look clean and can be in different shapes if you like. They will easily fit with the other concepts you have already. The same idea for the vase applies here.

Artfully Tasteful

If you want your mantel to pop, or be a great talking point, adding a piece of framed art will do that. You can have more than one piece if you want! Take the colors from the art and find smaller accent or decor pieces that have those colors. It will let the art stand out more and tie all the pieces together.

There is no wrong way to pick out a piece of art just make sure you are matching the accent pieces to it. For example:

Couple Walking in Autumn Rain Oil Painting

This piece of art is perfect because it has a lot of colors to draw in your attention. I would note that the colors are orange, yellow, red, and blackish-brown. So my next step would be to use those colors to find my accent pieces.

If you don’t want to use framed artwork, you can always use a vase or sculpture.

Paris Metal Jar 3-Piece Set

These small jars would be perfect accents because they pick up on some of the colors in the painting. You can always pair some small books with them or maybe a small Eiffel Tower.

Elegantly Themed

You can stick with a current theme or use your mantel to add one to the room. Using the colors that you already have in your room, find accent pieces that compliment each other. If you live near a beach you may like a nautical themed mantel. Keep in mind, your theme does not have to be overpowering. You can use colors and a couple pieces to convey your theme.

Here are some pieces you could use for a nautical theme:

Pair of Seaside Candle Holders

These beautiful candle holders have great shells that will convey a sea theme and could be paired with a nice wood clock would look great on your mantel. You can hang a mirror above the mantel or a picture of the sea if you would like.

Your mantel, your ideas

These are only a few suggestions for decorating your fireplace mantel. With the help of creativity and a personal touch, the options are endless.


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