How to Define Your Interior Design Style

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Define Your Interior Style

Your style probably falls into one of seven looks or themes, one way or another. The way you choose to put things together to achieve that look, is completely unique to you. We defined each theme by colors, furniture style, and accent pieces.

how to find the right theme for your interior design

Art Deco

Colors: A wide range of colors can be used. From pastels to muted neutrals, you can’t go wrong.

Furniture: Wood furniture and glass table tops complete this look with their sleek lines.

Accents: Mirrors and chrome hardware are the preferred types of accents for this theme.

Country Centered (Asian, French, etc.)

Colors: The colors you choose will depend on the country’s theme you are trying to capture. For example, a Japanese centered theme would use colors from nature, like greens, browns and yellows.


Again, this depends on the particular country, each will have particular styles of furniture and fabrics associated with it. To continue with the Japanese example, you would most likely opt for bamboo, elm or rosewood furniture with either natural fabrics.


These also relate to the country of your choice. For an Asian-inspired theme, you will want to find the right décor, such as hand-painted Oriental pottery, room screens and artwork.


Colors: Light colors, including blues, whites, and grays will bring in the beauty of the beach.

Furniture: Wicker, woven, and wooden furniture would keep your home feeling light and relaxing.

Accents: Choose nautical themed pieces to emphasize your coastal theme.


Colors: Any combination of colors can be used.

Furniture: This is your chance to find pieces that are completely unique and shaped in unconventional ways that you personally love.

Accents: You can find paintings and sculptures that inspire conversation and really show your artistic style.


Colors: Use the colors you would see outside, preferably during one of your favorite seasons. So, if that is fall, choose colors like reds, browns, and oranges. Choosing a seasonal color palette ensures you don’t have too many colors and that they go together.

Furniture: Wood and leather furniture complete this look with their textured and natural lines.

Accents: Pieces with exposed wood, are from the outdoors, or that have a older, but great look to them will convey your rustic theme perfectly.



Colors: Muted neutrals with a punch of color (optional) leaves you home feeling clean and orderly.

Furniture: Light furniture with soft colors and textures give your home an airy feel and will leave your home looking open.

Accents: Glass and crystal accent pieces will keep your home feeling open and catch the light while giving a simple and open feeling.


Colors: Dark browns, grey, and warm red tones will give your home an industrial feel, especially if you can have something like exposed brick.

Furniture: Metal furniture and leather will bring this look together. The metal furniture does not have to be completely metal; just accented metal will work fine.

Accents: Exposed pipes and vents with paintings and sculptures will give your home a classy and industrial look.

Find Your Unique Pieces and Make a Statement

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