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Room Planner

Whether you’re working with a designer or doing your own decorating, planning the perfect room requires a little homework first.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself, and the other members of your family:

• What styles do you like? Have each person in your family gather magazine photographs that depict the looks they like.

• Which styles don’t you like? This information can be equally important.

• What are your favorite colors? (Here’s a hint: Determine the predominant colors in your closet.)

• How will the room be used? Will it be completely casual or used only for formal entertaining? Your answer will determine many aspects, right down to the durability of fabrics.

• Do you have children or pets? Don’t forget to consider their needs.

Once you have answered those basic questions, there are some easy steps to follow which will make your life easier and enhance the finished room.

1. The first step in planning your space is to determine the focal point of the room. Find the dramatic element that draws your immediate attention. If your room has an attractive feature, such as a fireplace or picture window, center your furniture arrangement around it. If your room doesn’t have one, create a focal point with furnishings. Dramatic window treatments, an interesting display of artwork, or a beautifully decorated bed can help define the space.

2. After determining the focal point, go to the online room planner found on any of our website homepages. Or, you can draw a floor plan of your room using graph paper or furniture templates. Use one graph square for every foot of actual space. Be sure to include windows, staircases, doors, fireplaces, and the focal point of your room.

3. Measure major furniture pieces and make a template of each piece. Our online room planner allows you to change the size of the furniture piece so that they can represent what you already own. After your Room Plan is complete, you can print it out and add the color of each piece to the plan. After you have cut out the templates, color each in the hue of the piece it represents; then you can get a good idea how color is mixed throughout the room. Move the templates around to find the best arrangement before moving the first piece of furniture.

As always, we hope that you enjoy this post and find it helpful in restyling the place you live into the place you love!


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