Make Your Great Room Feel Cozy

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Many people desire large living rooms with plenty of space for entertaining friends and enjoying quality time with family. However, if the large space isn’t put together well, it may not feel inviting or cozy to you — or your guests. You can have the best of both worlds with the right color choices, creative furniture arranging, and a few other decorating tricks. Consider the following ways to make your great room feel more comfortable and welcoming than ever:


Start with color


For a big room, warm, darker colors work best to convey the feeling of coziness. Darker colors on the walls make the space seem smaller and more intimate. If you prefer wallpaper, choose one with a large pattern and deep, rich colors.

Instead of painting or papering a living room in cool whites or grey, sample the warmer side of the color wheel and choose a color or a grouping of colors that will make the room feel warm and inviting. Consider a rich shade of apricot or gold, a deep plum, or a warm red — these colors will help draw the walls inward while providing a cozy atmosphere. You also might consider painting the ceiling to bring it down visually.

Divide the space with area rugs


When living room floors are expansive, the space can look and feel cold and uninviting. Area rugs effectively separate and focus areas of a room, defining conversation or activity areas in the room.

A 9’ by 12’ rug will usually work well in an average-size living room, but you may need a larger one for a particularly large room. Or, you may consider using areas rugs to divide the space into two or more separate areas — for example, one rug can work with your furniture to designate a conversation area around a fireplace, while another designates a separate area for watching television or reading.

Choose a patterned area rug that will add interest and appeal to the area while coordinating with the colors and style of the living room. A soft rug will feel warm and cozy beneath the feet, and it will help the area look as cozy as it feels.

Create focal points with furniture


When creating a cozy space, first define a focal point. For some people, this is the fireplace, and for others, it’s the television — whatever you feel is most fitting for how you use the space. Once you pick your focal point, arrange your furniture with conversation in mind to give your living room a feeling of intimacy. If you have people sitting in different places in your living room, you don’t want them to feel like they have to shout across the room to talk to one another.

Typically, the walking path or traffic in a large room should be around the backsides of furniture, along the perimeter of the room, instead of across the center of the conversation area. Face chairs toward a sofa or loveseat, and use your area rug to frame the space.

If you have a very large room, you may want to divide the space into two separate focal areas using furniture groupings. Furnish the room with large pieces that best utilize the scale of the room, including sectional sofas, chaise lounges and tall bookcases. Choose heavier fabrics that combine comfort and luxury, such as leather or velvet.

Warm up the room with great accessories


Source: Beaux Mondes Designs

In addition to warm wall colors in a large living room, the addition of well-picked accessories can really add warmth and make the room feel more inviting. Consider finding a painting that complements the colors from the wall and area rug. Rich reds, yellows, and shades of orange are great choices when striving to make a great room feel cozy.

Keeping in mind those warm colors, accent pillows for the sofa, loveseat, or chairs will enhance your existing home décor by bringing in fun colors, patterns, shapes, and textures to the room. These days, throw pillows come in a variety of colors and fabrics to make it relatively easy to match to your paint colors, wall art, window treatments or anything else in your room.

Other accessories that can help make the room more intimate include quilts and throws draped over chairs or the back of the sofa; candle arrangements on the coffee table or end table; and plants and tall potted trees that complement the height of a high or vaulted ceiling.

Using warm colors and a variety of patterns and textures, your great room will be transformed into an inviting area to easily connect with your friends and family!


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