Lighting Up Your Interiors

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This time of year, people are looking to light up their interiors, so we sell more lamps at this time of the year than any other. Upscale Consignment carries a large assortment of lamps, more than what is shown in the online showroom.

Frequently customers will ask about blending colors and styles with their existing accessories when looking for additional lighting. What lamp to purchase can be a difficult choice. There are some lamps though that are versatile enough that they work almost anywhere.

clear glass lamp


orange gourd lamp2











Glass lamps: The perfect neutral lamp. Glass lamps bring light and reflective texture without adding visual bulk. They also free you from dealing with mixing metals and work nearly everywhere.

Small glass chandeliers: These are especially nice when placed just in front of a mirror so that you also enjoy the beauty of the reflection. The small white or black chandeliers with crystals are especially popular.

Glass or ceramic gourd lamps:  Not only does the gourd lamp bring color and curves to your room, perhaps repeating the accent color in your space, again you do not have to deal with matching metals. This classic lamp will add pizazz to any room without feeling like it is overdone

Linen floor lamps: Linen floor lamps are perfect for adding a warm glow to a room. If you have a dark corner in your room, consider adding a linen floor lamp.

Other lamps that go a long way in creating a warm atmosphere are small accent lamps, decorative art glass or stained glass lamps, up-lights illuminating an artificial or live indoor tree, sconces or swing arm lamps, or even programmable battery operated candles.

On the flip side, if you have lamps or crystal chandeliers that you would be interested in consigning, now is an excellent time to bring them in for someone to look at, or email a photo of your item(s) to


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  1. chris February 22, 2013 at 6:16 am #

    Enjoyed the article. I picked up two clear glass lamps at Upscale to go in my bedroom.


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