Getting More Ideas To Come To You

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creativeThis is the second creativity post in a series by guest contributor, Patricia Ryan. Here is the first, if you missed it.

There are four principles you need to understand and use to pump up your idea generator:

Ideas will come to you in response to your personal desires

The more emotionally involved you are with your project and the more wishes you have about it, the sooner you’ll start getting ideas about it and the more ideas you’ll get. If possible, work on something you really love, something that really excites you. If you’re stuck with something you don’t want to do, start by making a list of the five things you love most right now. Pick one of those things, and incorporate it into your design. Now you’re working on something you love.

Pay attention to every idea you get, even the weird ones

Be as open-minded as possible when you start getting ideas. Remember that the more original and unique an idea is, the more strange and unsuitable it’s going to seem to you at first. Keep thinking about it, ask yourself why you didn’t like it at first, and imagine what if you actually did it anyway. Even when you doubt your ideas, remember that they’re coming through you, as a response to your desire. Be open to exploring them.

Take time to play with whatever ideas you get

Whatever you’re worrying about this idea you got—just stop! Don’t worry if it will work, or look the way you want, or if anyone else will like it. Have confidence in yourself, and work boldly, doing whatever you feel you want to do. Relax and enjoy your work on it, and always keep the attitude that this is your project, you’re doing this for fun, and you can do anything with it you want. This is your time to use your creativity, and it’s important that you give yourself this opportunity. Don’t let your worries scare you off from practicing your creative powers. The more you work on creative projects, the more you’ll be amazed at what you come up with.

Don’t reject any idea just because it’s incomplete

If a complete, fully-developed plan were a ham sandwich with all the trimmings, then the first idea you get might look like just a little piece of ham, or half a piece of bread. But this tiny thread of the beginning of an idea really is all you need to start with. Of course you can’t tell how it’s going to come out, but so what? Many more great designs start out as little hints like this, than ones that appear in your mind fully formed. They’re waiting for you to act on them, and only when you take the first step will the next step will come to you. In the same way that when you see a chunk of ice floating on the ocean, you know it’s the tip of a huge iceberg, you can learn to recognize that the first beginning of an idea is just the handle of a door to a magical adventure—open it and start creating!

Next time: Creativity Killers

©2013 by Patricia M. Ryan, a multi-media artist in Beavercreek, OR, and the author of “First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions”. You can see her art at



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