Guide to Buying Stylish Accent Chairs

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Adding a stylish accent chair can complete the overall design of your room. Finding that perfect chair that fits your space, style, and budget, however, can sometimes cause unneeded frustration. Use this guide to set your mind at ease and create a pleasing and stylish design.

Find the correct layout

Narrowing down your options for the correct accent chair is easier when you understand how much space you should allow for your chair. Reconfiguring your space after you purchase your chair might prove especially difficult if the placement is crucial to a specific function and you have limited room, such as creating a conversation area by placing the seating facing each other, or facing your television.

Pay attention to your furniture height, textures, and colors

You want a chair that accents the furniture in your home now, not an accent chair that needs new furniture to go with it.

Note the seat back heights, colors, patterns, and textures currently in your room. Look at your notes and decide if there is a color (or colors), pattern, and/or texture you want more of in your room. Make a list of these (try and have a few choices) and use that when shopping for your accent chair. This will help you narrow down your choices when you go shopping.

Know the function of the chair you want

An accent chair should be functional as well as stylish. So consider whether it should have arms or not, have a high or low back, be upholstered or not, for example.

If it is to be used as a reading chair, you may want an upholstered chair with arms, one that you can stay in for hours and hours. If, however, you are looking for a chair to pair with a desk, you might want one that promotes good posture and does not have arms, so that it more easily slides under your desk. If your accent chair is mostly to be used for extra seating in other rooms, you might want a lightweight hair that is more easily moved, or one with casters.

Knowing the function of the chair will help you decide which type you need.

Select the type of accent chair you like

You don’t need to pick only one type of chair in order to go shop for it. Having a couple types in mind might make your selection process easier. Some of the types are:

  • Wingback Accent Chair

Rowe Red Wingback Accent Chair

  • Tub Accent Chair

Pair of Bernhardt Accent Chairs

  • Armless Accent Chair

Black Circled-Pattern Armless Accent Chair

  • Club Accent Chair

Custom Crafted Down-Filled Club Chair

  • Period Style Chairs

Heritage Furniture Antique Rocking Chair

  • Bergere Style Accent Chair

Gold Bergere Accent Chair

Know your budget

Before you start out on any shopping trips, know your budget. Shopping at a furniture consignment store affords you the rare opportunity to get so much more for your dollar.
You will often find a good selection of luxurious accent chairs that you may have only dreamed of being able to afford at a traditional furniture retailer.

Shopping for the accent chair you want

The first rule, choose something that you LOVE. You might be seeing this piece for a long time. Secondly, choose a chair that is well-made. Choosing a poorly made chair solely on price will cost you more in the long run, because you will be replacing it within a year or less and kicking yourself all the while.

Does your space need a pair of accent chairs? No problem!

Your chairs can match or compliment each other. Meaning you can get two identical accent chairs or find two accent chairs with something in common. For example, the two chairs could have the same color, but one has a pattern with that color.

Bringing your new chair home

Hopefully the preparation for your accent chair means you just take the chair home and place it in the spot you’ve laid out.

Enjoy your new piece!

If you are still uncertain as to what accent chair would best compliment your home, visit Upscale Consignment in-store or online. Choose from a huge selection of stylish accent chairs, all with savings of 40 to 80% off of retail prices. Start shopping today!


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