How to Measure For Furniture Delivery

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It’s a must to take proper measurements to ensure your furniture will not only fit in your space, but also to ensure it fits through all of the passageways upon delivery.

Follow these easy steps to measure your furniture like a pro.

3 Simple Steps

Measure your space

Identify the space in the room where you intend your piece to sit. Using painter’s tape, mark out the dimensions on the floor. Does it fit? Is the scale right for the room?


Compare dimensions

Consider whether the furniture to be delivered and determine if it can go straight through the entryway or if it will have to go in at an angle or on its end.

How To Measure For Furniture

Measure all doorways, passages and stairwells

Measure the interior height and width of every doorway, staircase, elevator and hallway that your furniture will pass through. Also consider architectural details and low hanging fixtures as you measure.

How To Measure For Furniture





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