Figuring Out Where to Put Your Furniture? Remember: “I Love You”

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Figuring out where to put your furniture is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle. What you imagine in your head or on a floor plan often doesn’t come out the way you’d hoped it might. That’s when “decorating anxiety” usually starts to kick in.

We’re often asked for recommendations on room arrangements when customers are considering larger furniture purchases for the living room. And while we aren’t professional interior decorators ourselves, we’ve been fortunate to work with many over the years who have shared their  sage advice and  time-tested decorating rules.

First, define the main function of the room, usually it’s either entertaining family and friends, watching TV, or to read and relax.

Next define your room’s focal point(s) whether it’s the fireplace, a window with a lovely view or perhaps you’ve created your own focal point with a fantastic piece of artwork. Now, arrange the furniture to meet the function of the room and bring attention to your focal point.  I know, it sounds so easy, right?

Well, just remember, I Love You! It’s an easy way to remember the three optimal living room seating arrangements. Our customers have told us over the years that it has helped to avoid aggravation and save them time and money.

“I” is for eyes gazing at each other across from one another. Think two sofas or two loveseats facing each other. This is perfect if you want a configuration that allows everyone who is seated to have an intimate conversation facing everyone else.

I Living Room Arrangment

“Love” is for an L-shaped living room arrangement, which works perfectly with a sectional or a sofa and lovesat. If you use your main room to watch TV and like to lounge while doing so, or  if you have young people that use the room to relax with their  friends, then an L-shaped arrangement might be more to your liking.

L-shaped living room arrangment2

“You” is for a U-shaped  living room arrangement, great for conversation and balanced. Think sofa with a coffee table and two chairs, one chair on each side of the coffee table. Or, if your room is long and deep enough, you might want to consider an L-shaped sectional with two chairs opposite the longer part of the sectional or two sofas facing each other with two chairs side-by-side.

u-shaped living room arrangment3

Some other tidbits…

If you can, avoid pressing the furniture against opposite walls. This common decorating mistake can make conversation awkward because it creates “screaming distance.”

“Floating” the furniture in the center of a room, such as a pair of loveseats or sofas facing one another, or a U-shaped group round a fireplace, fosters a sense of intimacy.

And lastly, try to keep all the seating close to the same height in order to avoid a rollercoaster effect. Most people think about style, color, fabric and comfort when they contemplate buying a sofa, loveseat or chairs; but they rarely think about the height of their seating.

As always, we hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful in Restyling the Place You Live into the Place You Love!

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