Hanging Artwork and Mirrors

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How High to Hang Artwork:

classic-dining-room-lOver a table

Hang artwork at eye-level. Generally, that means hanging artwork 57″ from the floor to the center of the artwork. Hanging artwork in this manner creates harmony among all the pictures in your home so that they will hang in relationship to one another from their centers, not from their sides.

It is important to consider the space where the artwork is going to be viewed. For a dining room, eye-level is going to be lower than eye-level standing in a hallway for example.

Place framed art 5” – 8” above a sofa, chair, or table. Art should relate to its surroundings, so keep it near the furniture where it is placed. An exception might be if a tall accessory is to be placed on a table below the art.

When hanging a pair of artworks, one above the other, visualize them as one large artwork regardless of whether they are the same or different sizes. Hang the pair of artworks such that the center point of the two is 57” from the floor.

Scale and Balance

sofaasymmetrical-ship-paintings-bhgCover between 2/3 and 3/4 of the space over a sofa or table to provide a scale along with the furniture. If necessary, group several pieces to fill up this space.

Weight and balance are design principles that apply to art arrangement. As a rule, the greatest weight in a grouping should be on the bottom and to the left. Weight is not always size but can be influenced by the darkness of the artwork, in either the image or the frame.

The size of the piece of art or group of artwork should relate to the size of the wall on which it is hung. When planning what size of artwork to put on a wall, go as large as you can with blank wall space on either side equal to about three-eights the width of the art.

Hanging Mirrors

Place mirrors so that they reflect something beautiful. Mirrors are so useful in interior design. They can expand the space, bounce light around a room and create wonderful effects as long as they are reflecting something worth reflecting.

Grouping Artwork

Grouping1art-over-tableArrange art in a grouping close enough so that pieces relate to one another. Be careful not to place pieces too far apart. A good rule of thumb is about 2—4” apart and in proportion to the size of the art pieces. For smaller artworks, a space of 1.5-2: apart works well. Use the same spacing above, below and on either side of the frame.

When grouping artwork in a row, regardless of whether the pieces are the same size or different sizes, align each such that center of each piece is the same distance from the floor.

Hang unframed works of art with additional space surrounding each piece, space takes the place of the frame.

Don’t be afraid to mix frame colors and styles, paintings, architectural elements, prints and photographic prints to create visual interest.

Tips on Hanging Your Artwork Grouping

art-hung-in-a-groupingarrangingart_thumbIf you have a multitude of items in your grouping, it is helpful to place items on the floor and play around with the layout. Once you find a pleasing arrangement, take a photo so that you don’t forget the arrangement and then try another layout, taking another photo.

Once you have a favorite arrangement, cut a paper template sized to match each picture. Pull each picture wire up towards the top of its frame to see where the hanging nail will go, and mark a dot at this location onto the picture’s matching template. Attach a small tape roll to the back or corners of each template and place the template on the wall according to your layout.

Hang the pictures by driving a nail right through the dot on each template, then pull the paper off of the wall.

As always, we hope that you enjoy this post and find it helpful in restyling the place you live into the place you love!

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