Maximizing Your Space

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You may live in a small apartment, or maybe a big house with a few small rooms.  Either way, virtually everyone has a small room or area in their home.  And everyone has a hard time decorating that small room.  Here are a few helpful suggestions that will enable you to maximize that small space and make it look calm and comfortable.


Eliminate the Clutter.  Having too much stuff will always make a small space look and feel cramped.  Find out ways to neatly arrange and organize things out of sight.  If you have still have too much stuff to neatly organize, even after getting rid of what you don’t need, bookcases and shelves can be a great way to organize many objects.  Another great storage piece is the armoire.  No longer prized for housing entertainment centers, they can be found for a fraction of retail and can easily be converted into great storage for nearly every room or function.

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Utilize Natural Light.  All rooms look larger when they are well lit.  Open up the window areas by removing drapes and let natural light shine into the space.  If you don’t have any windows, add more lamps or install track lighting in order to achieve the same effect.


Choose Soft, Light Hues.  Light and cool colors make a small space feel open and free.  Soft tones of blues and greens generally work best.


Go Monochromatic.  Use colors that are in the same color family for your cushion fabrics, wall finishes, and draperies.  This will help avoid the cramped feel of being too busy.


Clear the Way.  Move furniture out and away from walkways.  It also helps to choose short pieces of furniture like an armless or open chair and a low table.  If you do have tall pieces, place them along the wall.  Remember, the more floor area you can see, the larger the room will look and feel.


Use Plain Upholstery.  Select plain colored fabrics instead of plaids, stripes, or prints.  Utilize different textures to add character, but stick to the simple plain fabrics.


Less is Best.  Use a few larger pieces of furniture instead of several smaller pieces.  This will open up space and make the room more comfortable.


Reflective Surfaces.  Even if you don’t like mirrors, they help make a room look larger and they reflect light well.  If you don’t like traditional mirrors, try using a framed mirror or even a small mirror on a table.  Reflections can also add a lot of style.

By following these few suggestions you will be amazed how much more spacious and cozy your room will look.

As always, we hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful in Restyling the Place You Live into the Place You Love.

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