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At Upscale Consignment, we are thrilled to have an exquisite timepiece, the Cartier Must de Cartier Vendome Vermeil Quartz Wristwatch, in our showroom. What makes this particular watch an absolute treasure? Let’s take a look…

Cartier Must de Cartier Vendome Vermeil Quartz Wristwatch


The name Cartier is synonymous with luxury. Beginning in the early 1900s, Cartier became known as a pioneer in the watch industry. The exquisite timepieces, crafted by masterful Cartier watchmakers, are known for their striking aesthetics and exceptional precision. Cartier is known for challenging its designers and master watchmakers to develop ground-breaking styles and movements – and they always deliver! Their hard work and meticulous attention to detail helped establish Cartier as a tough competitor in the watch industry. It also led to Cartier’s success in developing elegantly designed and impressively built wristwatches. This means that the quality and the piece tag on these timepieces are high.

Must de Cartier

The Must de Cartier has been referred to as “the perfect starter luxury wristwatch” because it is far more affordable than other Cartier watches. As noted on the Antique Sage website:

Must de Cartier’s origins date back to the early 1970s, when, according to legend, an employee who had been prompted for marketing ideas at a meeting exclaimed “Cartier, it’s a must!”  This unique philosophy guided the luxury goods company as it sought to create a line of less expensive tank wristwatches that would be more widely accessible.  Finally, in 1977, the world-renowned Must de Cartier watch line was officially launched.

Cartier Must de Cartier Vendome Vermeil Quartz Wristwatch

This classic luxury timepiece by Cartier features a casual design that fits any style. This timepiece features a round sterling silver bezel with yellow gold plating that frames an ivory or cream dial with black Roman numerals and blue sword-style hands. The wristwatch is fashioned of sterling silver and the gold electroplate layer on the vintage Must de Cartier is a full 20 microns (millionths of a meter) thick. That is very substantial. The case is accented with a lab-created blue spinel crown and 8.5″ brown lizard leather strap with Tang buckle.  

The timepiece we have in our showroom was recently serviced by Cartier in January of 2021 and is still under their 12-month warranty period. It comes with a red velvet Cartier pouch and Cartier service document. 

If you are looking for a meaningful gift, something that you know the gift recipient will wear and enjoy – a Cartier watch is an outstanding choice.

Want to learn more about the Must de Cartier? We highly recommend reading the article: Watch I Love: The Must de Cartier by Stephanie Ip. It is well written and details the history and sentimentality of this unique watch.

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