How to Find the Right Statement Piece For Any Room

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Hosting guests in your home will feel even better when you finally get that statement piece that reflects your personality and brings about wonderful and interesting conversation. Before stepping out of your home in search of this special piece, you should consider a few things.

Fit your Current Decor

Take into consideration current colors and patterns in your room. If your room has too many things going on it will be hard for your statement piece to stand out. Once you have accounted for colors, you can find the right statement piece for your home. This will ensure that you don’t have to purchase more room decor to match your statement piece.

Find the Best Place

Your room has a few areas that can serve as a focal point that will perfectly frame your statement piece. After exploring the space in your room and taking everything into consideration, you may find that a wonderful area rug will work best, or a painting that strikes your fancy will serve as a focal point on your wall. Either way, knowing where you plan to place your statement piece will help create harmony with the rest of the room.

finding the right statement piece does not have to be hard

Know How Much Space You Have

Measuring the area where you plan to put your statement piece will ensure that whatever you choose will fit in that spot. When you’re out shopping and measuring, don’t forget to plan for some empty “white” space around your statement piece. This white space will help frame your statement piece so that it stands out better.

Figure Out Your Budget

Shopping with a budget in mind is always a prudent choice. Once you have considered placement and spacing, go to a consignment shop like Upscale Consignment, where you can find your next favorite, one-of-a-kind treasure at an  unbeatable price.

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