Peridot // The August Birthstone

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It’s August! Can you believe we are over halfway through the year – and what a year it has been!

Today, we are going to share some interesting facts about the birthstone for August – Peridot! Its fresh, grassy green color fits perfectly with the summery month it represents.

A Gem by Any Other Name

The first thing to mention about this glittering green gemstone is the fact that you will hear its name is pronounced two ways. Some pronounce it pear-a-dot and some say it should be pronounced pear-a-doe. Many industry professionals like the French pronunciation of péridot  (pear-a-doe )– which many will argue, sounds a bit more elegant. That being said, both pronunciations are correct.

What is Peridot?

Peridot is the gem quality variety of the mineral olivine. This rich mineral is often found far within the earth’s mantle and is carried to the surface by lava. Even though there is no shortage of olivine, finding the gem quality variety is much more difficult.While most gemstones are found in variety of colors, depending on chemical makeup, peridot only found in one color – green.

While the rarest and most valuable color of this gorgeous gem is a dark olive green, it can be found in a variety of attractive hues ranging from yellowish green to brownish green.

Peridot Fun Facts

  • Peridot is the national gemstone for the country of Egypt and is described as the “gem of the sun.”
  • Cleopatra was known as a collector of emeralds, but many historians believe much of her expansive emerald collection was comprised of peridot. Peridot History and Lore GIA
  • Peridot is also known as the Evening Emerald because under artificial light it glows an intense and vibrant green and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Poor Man’s Emerald’
  • You may know that peridot is found in many
    locations around the globe, but did you know that the gemstone peridot has been
    found in meteorites?:

“Iron meteorites (pallasites) are sometimes peppered with pockets of the mineral Olivine – the species that gives us gem Peridot here on earth… As you may suspect, these olivine crystals have endured an incredible strain, from their origin in space to the enormous heat and pressure of their fall the earth.  Only on exceptional occasions are there any intact, unfractured gemmy areas that could be used to cut a stone – a faceted pallisite olivine; meteroite Peridot as it where.” Via The Gem Trader

As you can see. Peridot is a fascinating a fun emstone. It pairs beautifully with any ensemble to add a fresh touch of color. Visit our website often to see what peridot jewelry pieces we currently have on consignment.

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