Benefits of Selling Your Furniture at a Local Consignment Store

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The benefits to selling furniture on consignment far outweigh attempting to do it yourself.

Two main reasons you should sell your furniture using a consignment store are because it makes it effortless for you, and it eliminates all the risk.

Benefits You and Your Local Business

Selling furniture on consignment is good business for both sides. By selling furniture on consignment, you will:

  • Reach a larger, more dedicated audience that is willing to pay top dollar for quality items that fit their needs
  • Remove any worries about writing or paying for your own advertising – This is all included in the consignment service they provide
  • You can potentially make more money than going at it alone. They are subject matter experts in this field and will sell your items at the highest possible market price.

Added Bonus: Choosing to sell furniture on consignment is an environmentally friendly decision! You’ll be saving potentially profit-turning pieces from going to the dump and contributing to landfills.

professional movers pick up gently used sofa for consignment

You Get Personal, Vested Help

From a personal standpoint, there are many added benefits to be gained. The main benefits of selling on consignment include:

  • It Saves Time. The consignment shop does all the advertising/marketing for you, you don’t have to repeatedly update your advertisements or pay for a third party to assist with advertising. The consignment shop has as much interest in selling as you do!
  • It is Safe. You won’t have to worry about unsavory “customers,” haggling over prices, or potential buyers showing up with a shortage of cash or wanting to pay with a check.
  • Frees up more space within the home for other space needs, like newer furniture; who knows? Maybe something at the consignment store will catch your eye!

Tips for Selling from Furniture Consignment Experts

You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your furniture. These tips will help you stage your piece so it looks its best and can bring in a larger profit.

  • Choose the right piece to sell. Furniture pieces that are in demand, sell quicker, and sell for more, including upholstered items, leather furniture, and wooden furniture. Bedroom furniture, bookshelves, and dining sets are always hot items.
  • Clean furniture thoroughly prior to parting with it and touch up any minor scratches – a well-planned presentation of your furniture pieces often boost the price dramatically! 

Remember: Not every item you wish to part with is a prime candidate for the secondary market. If you are unsure if your piece will sell well, feel free to contact one of our professionals and they will help you find answers. You want the most money for the piece you are parting with. Consigning your furniture at Upscale Consignment will help you achieve this. With years of experience, they will help you achieve the results you desire.

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