Putting together a bed that is HEAVENLY

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Linda Ballard of “Makely School for Girls – Lessons in Making Your Home Awesome” shares her Bedding Formula for a Well Dressed Bed for warmer climates or perfect for the summertime.

“It’s taken me several years to get to the point that I feel like I have a good system for how I put together bedding to give a bed some personality.  In the past, I just used a sheet set, a duvet or comforter, a couple of pillow shams and a throw pillow.  Then, I met Sarah from The Yellow Cape Cod at Haven Conference.

Sarah taught a class about styling a room, and I immediately fell in love with the way she put together a bed.  It gave the step by step layers for how she put together her perfect bed.

Sarah and I live in very different climates – she’s in Michigan and I’m in Texas.  So, I had to figure out how to adapt her bedding recipe so that my family wouldn’t get too warm at night.  I also have slightly different thoughts about how many pillows should be on a bed – probably because I’m so lazy about taking them on and off the bed when I make it.”

My Bedding Formula for a Well Dressed Bed


Sarah Macklem of “The Yellow Cape Cod – Interior Design for Real People” shares her recipe for a perfect bed for cooler climates or perfect for the wintertime.

“A special client fell in love with this gray and white bedding at a local boutique. There were two different sets.  One gray cotton/linen duvet set and a white cotton ruched coverlet set. When both bedding sets were combined with carefully chosen inserts this little piece of heaven came to Earth…”

Recipe For The Perfect Bed

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