Restyled Armoire for Kitchen Storage

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Kitchen Storage ArmoireKitchen Storage ArmoireBaking Storage

With a fresh coat of turquoise paint, this repurposed armoire brightens the room as a pretty baking cabinet. Bifold doors conceal baking items and ensure accessibility. Shelves encourage tidiness within, making it easy to store mixing bowls, sprinkles, and ingredients.

Ready to Bake

Make use of every bit of space by grouping baking supplies by use. Keep large or frequently used items, such as bowls and a mixer, on lower shelves so they are easy to reach. Clear canisters store essential ingredients and allow you to see contents at a glance. Overlooked spaces under the top shelf and along the armoire’s back wall are made storage-friendly with shelf-mount hooks and a magnetic bar to hang recipes from.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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