Restyled Armoires as Hobby, Sewing or Craft Centers

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Restyled Armoire SewingHobby or Sewing Cabinet

Are you big into beading or scrapbooking or sewing? Whether or not you have a dedicated space for your hobby, you need a way to organize everything and keep it both accessible but easy to hide when needed. It’s a tall order.

Craft Supply & Demand

Revamp an armoire with wallpaper and ribbon trim. Adhere rectangles of wallpaper to the front of an armoire with decoupage medium. Trim the rectangles with ribbon to finish the look. Inside, this cabinet is ready for some serious crafting. Magnetic boards are attached to the inside of the doors, and pegboard covers the back.

Restyled Armoire Craft Station

Restyled Armoire Craft Station 2










Desk Set

Add even more benefit to a storage armoire with a pullout work surface. A piece of painted plywood underneath a shelf rolls out on a mounted drawer glide. A strip of wood placed on the front of the pullout desk finishes the desk and catches any wayward pencils.

Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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