Consignment Shopping Tip: Shopping for Coffee & End Tables

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Coffee table slightly too low, flowers totally distract you from that fact}

Coffee table is too low – Photo: Pinterest

Coffee table is too high

Coffee table too high – Photo: Pinterest

Measure your furniture BEFORE you go out to shop for coffee and end tables.

Carol Ann Makely, an interior designer for La-Z-boy, shares what you need to know in order to purchase coffee and end tables that are sized just right for your room.

“Most clients come into our store with no idea of what they need. I think more buy the wrong size and height and have to live 15 years with their mistake, no one and I mean no salesperson will tell you to go home and measure and come back so we can find you the right piece, because you might not come back!

So, come prepared. Measure the width of the seating area of your sofa (between the arms) and measure the height to the seat, you will need these measurements to purchase the right width of coffee table and height.

Follow these guidelines:

End tables should be 1 to 2 inches lower than sofa or chair arm.

Width of coffee table is no more than 3/5 ths between the arms of sofa.

Height of coffee table is not lower than 3 inch difference to height of seat (if not the ergonomics of the pieces will be off and feel and look wrong).”

Do the end tables have to match?

End Tables 2

End tables can have a big impact on a room’s appearance. MARK LUSCOMBE-WHYTE/THE INTERIOR ARCHIVE

Not according to decorator Alexa Hampton.  She shared her opinion recently in the Wall Street Journal regarding the importance of similar heights and mixing silhouettes.

When I locate tables at either end of a sofa, the first thing I consider is the height of the sofa’s arm. If they are non-matching end tables, make sure they are at least as high as the sofa’s arms.end table drawing

Secondly, I think about lamps. If I am using a pair of lamps, I feel that while the end tables needn’t be a pair, they must be the same height. It would look odd to have identical lamps with one raised up high and one sagging down below.

Finally, at either end of a sofa, it can be quite nice to mix silhouettes. I like to put a round table at one side and a square at the other. It provides interest and personality and shakes up any sense of rote formula.”

So, be sure you take your dimensions with you shopping, so that you end up with tables that are sized just right for your room; and keep in mind that it’s ok, and even recommended, to mix things up a bit.

As always, we hope you find this consignment tip helpful.

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