Small Business Spotlight: A Clear Place

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Capture2Are you looking for help in creating more space in a room, your house or perhaps even your life?

Clearing out can be especially stressful for those of us that have amassed a lifetime of stuff. The physical and emotional process of letting go can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you sort through all the memories? What do you keep? What do you do with the rest?

jane-green-close-upCreative solutions expert, Jane Green of A Clear Place, provides insight in helping her clients do just that, by bringing a natural balance and beauty to their homes and their lives.

A lifelong advocate for holistic living, Jane has been helping people create healthier spaces since 1987. She specializes in transforming chaos into calm and showing you fresh perspective and new possibilities.

For guidance to help with downsizing for you or your loved ones, small space challenges or just letting go of stuff, visit A Clear Place website, email Jane for a private consultation or give her a call at 503-263-5229.











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