Vintage Jewelry Styles Are Back in Style Again

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What was once old, is new again. That trope may be cliché, but it’s so often true. In this era of amazing technology, where the power of a 90’s era supercomputer now fits in your back pocket, and instant, media-rich global communication is standard, we see an increasing desire to connect to things from an earlier era. Jewelry is one way to achieve this.

Consigned jewelry at lower than retail prices!

If you look at the height of contemporary fashion, you see designers hearkening to an earlier time. Steampunk-like designs are one way that this yearning for an analog age can be expressed. However, if you want to show a connection to history and heritage, it makes more sense to wear pieces that were actually made in an earlier time. Consignment shops often have exactly what you are looking for.

Versatile and Stylish

Do you remember your grandmother’s mother-of-pearl earrings; or, that pendant you saw in an old photograph? These vintage styles are in style again. Whenever you accessorize with jewelry from an earlier era, you can easily transition from the boardroom to the ballroom or the hottest nightclub in town. It’s a great way to create a bespoke jewelry collection that is as unique as you are.

Jewelry Favorites for Men

Men are notoriously difficult to match with jewelry. However, they may love a classic watch or cufflinks from the 1950’s. There are also a large number of vintage men’s rings and necklaces that you can find on consignment which will capture his attention. With throwback fashion, they can bring back the styles they’ve admired on Mad Men, or their favorite classic films of the 1970’s. Shop around in your favorite consignment store for a bit and you’re sure to find something that he’ll flip for!

Quality Craftsmanship From Authentic Designers

The pieces you find in a consignment shop have already stood the test of time, and the best consignment stores are selling jewelry that is ready to be worn for years to come. Where else will you find an authentic gemstone necklace or a string of pearls that are 100% authentic, and crafted by dedicated craftspeople who never compromised quality? At a consignment store you can find designer names such as Tiffany,  Mikimoto, Cartier, Dior, Chanel, David Yurman and more. Be prepared to check often and be ready to buy, because designer jewelry sells fast on the secondary market.

One-of-a-Kind Finds

Not only is classic, vintage jewelry crafted to be high quality, but it is created in a style that is hard to duplicate in the modern era. The runways are full of models showcasing necklaces and pendants that may resemble earlier designs, but there is no substitute for the real thing. Like these models, you can place your true-classic jewelry in an updated fashion context with a more modern wardrobe. Mixing the old with the new is a fashion statement of its own, and you can craft it however you like.

Hidden Treasures Abound

Of its very nature, vintage jewelry isn’t being created anymore. So many pieces have been broken apart, their metal melted and reshaped into new styles or the stones re-purposed from necklaces into pendants, or vice versa. That means that finding a quality vintage piece of jewelry is a unique event in itself. The ever-changing inventory at your local consignment store makes each visit a unique treasure hunt. Each trip is an opportunity to pick up a real treasure to add to your one-of-a-kind jewelry collection or perhaps buy an heirloom piece to hand down to the beloveds in your life.

Take a look at the jewelry selection here at Upscale Consignment and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find! From custom, handmade jewelry to fine metals and precious stones, you are sure to find something that will highlight your sense of style while expressing your love for a simpler time.

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