Yes, You ARE Creative!

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Yes, You ARE Creative!This is the first creativity post in a series by guest contributor, Patricia Ryan.

Too often, we tend to think of creativity as the realm of geniuses, of composers, authors, and artists, or of brilliant inventors and entrepreneurs whose ideas literally change the way the world looks at life. But the best definition I’ve ever heard of creativity takes it from that exalted domain and brings it right down to our own laps:

Creativity is the act of making new forms out of old ones.

Sound simple?

It is.

When you take something you already have and change it in some way, you’re creating something new. When you bring something new home and add it to your décor, you’re creating a new look, a new feel, and maybe new functionality. As an artist striving always to be more creative, I know from experience that coming up with a steady stream of good ideas is the major focus of my life. Only a few years ago, I felt that I would never have enough ideas to make anything very good. But by continuing to do the work I loved, I learned how to grow my own creativity to a level I had never imagined.

Do you think you’re not creative? You’re wrong. Human minds are idea generators by their very nature. Can you become more creative than you are now? Almost certainly. We are designed to manipulate objects and change them. Our senses, our hands, and our intelligence are the only tools we need to begin, and our years of memories are a well of images and feelings so deep it’s hard to find the bottom. Add to that the billions of pictures and ideas available on the web, and your resources are almost infinite. So the next time you think you’re not creative, say to yourself, “I have a built-in idea generator with access to billions of ideas.”

Next time: Getting More Ideas To Come To You

©2013, Patricia M. Ryan is a multi-media artist in Beavercreek, OR, and the author of “First Aid For Your Menopause Emotions



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